Secretary's Page

Welcome to the Secretary's Page of Lodge Thorntree.

My Name is John McMillan and I am currently the Secretary.

I was installed into that office on 2nd December 2016 and this is my first time as secretary having been the treasurer for the last 24 years. I will endeavour to keep on top of this site with the help of the Webmaster. I do feel, however, that it gives a slightly false impression of the current position the Lodge finds itself in.

Freemasonry in general is suffering, which I find strange as it is a great organisation which brings together people from different cultures, religions and age groups. It's aims are just to help men to be better human beings. We all live in hope of a resurge of interest in the Craft and would recommend it to anyone. However, if I was visiting the site for the first time, I would think this Lodge is doing fine. The truth is that due to falling attendances from members and a lack of new members, we are surviving due to the dedication of committed members and a healthy support from visitors from other Lodges. I would like to thank those visitors for coming along to our meetings and hope that your time among us is a rewarding and pleasant experience. To the brethren of Scottish Freemasonry why not come along and enjoy the hospitality of our grand old Lodge, you will always be made welcome.

I am currently updating the register of the Lodge and would be obliged if members could inform me of any changes of address, phone numbers (home and mobile) and e-mail address etc. You can e-mail me via the contact page. Thank you in anticipation.

Bro. John McMillan P.M. Secretary.