SYLLABUS 2020-2021


Friday 8th January      -      Meeting postponed.

Friday 12th February     -    Meeting postponed.

Friday 12th March       -      Provincial Visit. (if meetings permitted).

Friday 9th April           -      -.

Friday 14th May          -      -.

Friday 28th May         -      Annual Buffet Dance. (if meetings permitted).

Friday 11th June        -      -.


Friday 13th August      -      -.

Friday 10th September -     -.

Friday 8th October       -      Annual General Meeting. (if meetings permitted).

Saturday 6th November   -  150th Anniversary Re-dedication Ceremony. (if meetings permitted).

Friday 12th November  -     -.

Friday 10th December -      Annual Installation. (6.30 pm prompt). (if meetings permitted). 

* Denotes 4 Lodge visitation.

Please note that all Regular Meetings will now be on the second Friday in each month,
(except July).


                          Away visits to other Lodges 2021.


To be advised.